Wednesday, February 2

PreOrder session extended - One day

I would like to announce that NYX Cosmetics & SPANX/Assets Preorder session extended for a day - yes! One day only!! So the last day for confirming your order is today..

The reason being, i didn't manage to reply emails for u gals.. I have nobody to blame but myself.. Yesterday, I was travelling the whole day but I still managed to reply emails by phone.. By the time 2pm, my battery went kaput (my batt was fully charged in the morning).. So there I was, can't do nothing bout it.. Reached my destination by 10pm and so tired..

So today I am fully charged with my lappy and will be replying emails from u lovely girls as fast as I can...

Thanks! :)

Tuesday, February 1

Reminder - Last Day

Just a soft reminder, today is the last day to confirm your order for SPANX, ASSETS & NYX Cosmetics.. By midnite tonite, I will officially close the pre-order session..