Tuesday, January 25

NYX Cosmetics ??

Have u ever heard bout this brand, NYX Cosmetics? As for me, I never heard bout this brand til last week.. A friend of mine who works as Makeup Artist told me about it. She says NYX product is as good as MAC, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox, NARS etc etc but the price is wayyyyyyy cheaper!!

So, I browse about this product & now I'm kinda gatal/gedik to try it specially after looking at their range of palettes.. Grrr, geram gila.. Heheheh.. The urge to buy n play with the eyeshadow palettes is all over me now plus the price is affordable *sronot*.. Kalau nak beli palette MAC beratus la pulak kan? Rasa cam rugi je nak play with it.. hard earn money tu $_$

Nude On Nude Natural Look Kit

Smokey Palette, Purple Palette & Bronze Palette

Winter In Moscow (Silver Gray Smokey Look)

One Night in Morocco (Matte Smokey Look)

Makeup Artist Kit, kalau nak beli ni macam over la plak

Cupcake Lip Gloss *yummy*

So, what do u think? Ada rasa geram x? They do have wide range of products such as foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, bronzer, blusher, glitter, brushes and lots more.. Just drop at their website and u can start drool, cuci mata!! The best part, this brand againts animal testing & all products is solely cruelty free. PETA approved.. hehehe

I'm going to buy myself "One Night in Morocco" palette, will order it all the way from US.. So if any of u would like to buy any of their product, just drop me an email for the price okay!

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  1. Those cupcake lip glosses are so cute. And the Winter in Moscow palette is lovely too.