Sunday, December 12

Quick update

Just a short n brief announcement :)
  1. SPANX & ASSETS Pre-order session is closed..
  2. Will re-open the session somewhere in February or March 2011.. Few items were discontinued but I'm pretty sure more n more new item will be introduced
  3. All Mulberry for Target bags are sold out.. I only managed to fulfilled half of the waiting list.. If u didn't heard from me by now meaning = no handbag for u *sorry*.. Strictly first come first serve basis
  4. If there is more Mulberry for Target bags available, I will update here

Friday, December 3

Pre-Order SPANX & ASSETS....

Ladies... Pre-Order SPANX & ASSETS is currently in session!! Click here for their website & enjoy browsing.. Interested? Query? Need opinion? Quotation? Just email me

Kindly take note that I'll be closing the session on 11th December 2010.. Items expected to be in Malaysia somewhere end of December --> Please bear in mind that items are shipped from US.. Please ensure u r comfortable with the timing before ordering

I attached together the sizing for your reference.. If u have doubt, email me with your height n weight so that I can guide you.. :)

SPANX sizing

ASSETS sizing