Friday, July 30

Kuih Raya!! *edited*

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*Pre-order is offcially CLOSED*

Hello ladies,

I'm opening order for Kuih Raya!!

Please feel free to have a look at all the pictures below.. No I don't bake em, I can't really bake actually *sheepish grin*.. All kuih are bake by Faheem's babysitter & family!!

Important info:

  1. I'll be closing order on 30th July instead of 15th August - sorry had to close earlier due to overwhelming response, baker team cakap takut x dapat deliver right on time.. kalau x dapat deliver on time lagi haru --> yup, that is so true
  2. 50% deposit to confirm order - must be paid before the 30th July, remaining 50% during pick up - cash it is!
  3. Kuih will be ready for pick up starting on 1st Sept (10 days before Raya)
  4. Pick up area wud be Kota Damansara area, Ikea / Ikano / Curve, One Utama or Bandar Utama area (McD, Centrepoint)

Email me aritha.shadila[at] for any queries. Thanks!!

Strawberry SweetTart - RM26/48 pieces
Why 48 instead of 50? I did ask the same question
Apparently the casing cant fit 50 pieces, just 48 of it
You dont want ur kuih to be hancur, do u?

Bahulu Cappuccino - RM16/40 pieces
Normal bahulu is so outdated
If you loves Bahulu n loves Cappuccino, u might want to try this
Btw, the colour a bit dark not because of overbaked
It is the cappuccino :P

Pineapple RollTart - RM25/50 pieces
Ok, the close up picx makes the tart looked like a giant tart
The size of the tart is like a normal tart ok, so jangan takut

Crunchy Nut - RM26/48pieces
The red in the middle of the kuih is Strawberry Jam

Red Pearl - RM26/48pieces
Conrflakes, raisins & various nuts in it

Rostar Tart - RM26/48 pieces
The taste is similar to pineapple tart just that it has modern look

Blueberry Tart - RM26/48 pieces
A twist from a normal tart & yes the color is purplish blue!!
The whitish thingy on top of the tart is actually sugar glaze

Orange Mousse - RM24/50pieces
Chocolate Coating + Orange Zest.. nyum nyum

Snow Almond - RM26/48 pieces
My personal favorite!! Maybe because of the chocolate coating

Chocolate Chip Delight - RM26/48 pieces
One of my favorite too! Again maybe bcoz of the chocolate
I just love chocolate :))))

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