Monday, July 19

Cute Cupcake

A friend of mine was admitted to hospital for chemo due to his leukemia illness.. Got to know bout that last week however did not have time to visit him.. So am thinking to visit him today or tommorrow.. Anyway, that's not the main story.. For that reason, I placed an order of 16pcs GET WELL SOON CUPPIES yesterday with a friend of mine.. Just got to know that she's baking & selling cuppies..

She delivered the cuppies to me right on time (altho I placed an order quite last minute) & I found that the cuppies is so cute which is worth to mention here..

this is my order, 16pcs Get-Well-Soon Cuppies

If any of u interested to place an order, just give her a call or sms at 013-3880039.. Her name is Amy by the way.. U can tell her ur color & design preference of the icing as well as the cuppies flavor.. As for me, since I ordered it quite late, I just tell her any color, any design & any flavor will do.. So if u want ur cupcake personalize as per your wish, make sure to place an order early. Below are the pictures of few designs that are available.. Ouh, she's selling it for RM3/per cupcake.

Pijun Love Noni - lovey dovey theme

Smile Always - Pastel Color Icing

Design for Baby Shower or Newborn

Aliff Heart MeL - another sweet & romantic design

Selamat Hari Lahir Tuan Haji - siap ada $ punya sign, hehe

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