Tuesday, June 22

Victoria's Secret - Fuschia Sleeveless Top (Empire Cut)

Material: 95% viscose, 5% spandex (strecthable)
Size: M
Condition: New without tag
Retail Price: USD38 + tax

Selling Price: RM 50 (including postage)
Status: Available

- Suitable for both maternity & non-maternity wearing
- Can be wear with spaghetti strap, or for orang yang bertudung can be wear with longsleeve inner

Bought this to wear during my pregnancy.. never wore it coz I cant make myself wearing sleeveless top because my armpit was so dark, thanks to whatever hormone.. or orang tua2 cakap pembawakan budak.. certain people idung kembang/jambu la, kaki bengkak la, leher hitam berkerak la.. well as for me ketiak jadi super itam mcm buntut kuali :P

excuse the amateur model, berdiri macam nyanyi lagu "negaraku"

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