Tuesday, June 8

Hiatus Status

Hello all,

Am truly sorry for the long hiatus status, and also am so sorry for not replying emails.. The reason being I was pregnant then I gave birth to a 'gendut' boy then I'm busy handling a newborn + undergone strict confinement period with my mom.

Good news is I'm back!! Will start updating with my pre-loved tops, jeans n pants.. I seriously need to declutter my wardrobe.. Most of it are the one that I wear during maternity, not maternity wear tho.. just normal clothes only one size bigger than my original size.. During pregnancy, I only gained 10kg's and my tummy is not that big.. instead of buying maternity wear (jeans with pouch which doesn't fit me anyway), I opted for jeans with one size bigger..

So, if u r size 8 (US), 12 (UK).. stay tune..

Later, I will start selling bags!! :)

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