Tuesday, June 22

DKNY Black Shirt with bow-tie Ribbon

Material: 63% cotton, 37% silk
Size: 8 (US), 12 (UK)
Condition: New without tag
Retail: USD68 + tax

Selling Price: RM75 (including postage)
Status: Sold

- Suitable for maternity wear, roomy for expanding tummy - thanks to the ruffles
- Suitable for office/formal wearing
- The ribbon is detachable, there is button to detach it
- Inner blouse included (adjustable black cami)

I bought this during my first trimester to wear it later during my third trimester.. By the time i entered third trimester I totally forgot I have this blouse.. I only remember about it when I decluttering my closet which is after I gave birth n I haven't worn it even once.

This picx didnt do justice to this blouse, btw there is a bow tie ribbon at the collar

the sleeve - cuff & ruffles

inner cami cutting - roomy at tummy area

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