Wednesday, June 30

Liz Clairborne - Skyline Handbag

Brand New with tag
Color, khaki with faux brown leather trimming
Price: RM 299 (including shipping)
Status: Sold

Liz Clairborne - Signature Pink & Gunmetal Tote

Brand New with Tag
Price: RM279 (including shipping)
Status: Sold

Tuesday, June 22

FREE - Forever21 Orange Top

Material - 94% rayon, 6% spandex (strecthable), Size: M, Condition: Excellent worn condition.. Wore it only twice.. Suitable for both maternity & non-maternity wearing (refer my picx). Giving it away coz I don't think I look good in orange..

Price: FREE - just pay postage fee of RM10
Status: Given away

scrunch/ruffles at tummy & hip area

wearing it @ 9 months preggie

nonmaternity - wearing it like an hour ago

DKNY Black Shirt with bow-tie Ribbon

Material: 63% cotton, 37% silk
Size: 8 (US), 12 (UK)
Condition: New without tag
Retail: USD68 + tax

Selling Price: RM75 (including postage)
Status: Sold

- Suitable for maternity wear, roomy for expanding tummy - thanks to the ruffles
- Suitable for office/formal wearing
- The ribbon is detachable, there is button to detach it
- Inner blouse included (adjustable black cami)

I bought this during my first trimester to wear it later during my third trimester.. By the time i entered third trimester I totally forgot I have this blouse.. I only remember about it when I decluttering my closet which is after I gave birth n I haven't worn it even once.

This picx didnt do justice to this blouse, btw there is a bow tie ribbon at the collar

the sleeve - cuff & ruffles

inner cami cutting - roomy at tummy area

Victoria's Secret - Fuschia Sleeveless Top (Empire Cut)

Material: 95% viscose, 5% spandex (strecthable)
Size: M
Condition: New without tag
Retail Price: USD38 + tax

Selling Price: RM 50 (including postage)
Status: Available

- Suitable for both maternity & non-maternity wearing
- Can be wear with spaghetti strap, or for orang yang bertudung can be wear with longsleeve inner

Bought this to wear during my pregnancy.. never wore it coz I cant make myself wearing sleeveless top because my armpit was so dark, thanks to whatever hormone.. or orang tua2 cakap pembawakan budak.. certain people idung kembang/jambu la, kaki bengkak la, leher hitam berkerak la.. well as for me ketiak jadi super itam mcm buntut kuali :P

excuse the amateur model, berdiri macam nyanyi lagu "negaraku"

Tuesday, June 15

FREE - MNG Purple Shirt

Another my formal attire, no longer need it
Furthermore, this shirt is size 4 (USA), S (EUR)
Currently I'm a size 6
Meaning, this shirt no longer fit me.. sudah sendat & ketat!
Material is strecthable, 62% cotton, 33% poliammide, 5% elastane
Letting this go for free, just pay RM10 for postage

Email me if interested..
Status: Given away

cuff & sleeve

FREE - GAP "straight cut" Jeans

I really love this jeans..
I wore it when I was 8kg heavier,
Now jeans nih sudah londeh & longgar
98% cotton, 2% spandex - however it is not that strecthable
Yes, it's free..
There is no point for me to keep clothes & pants that I no longer wear
Just pay RM15 for postage (poslaju)

Size: 8R / 28
Status: Given away

please excuse my feet which appear in the picture :P

FREE - Giordano Khakis, Boot Cut

I used to wear this to work.
Love it coz it is strecthable & looks like a formal slack..
Since I no longer need to dress in formal..
I'm letting this go for free, just pay RM15 for postage (poslaju)

Size: W28, L32
Status: Given away
Interested? Just email me..

Monday, June 14

GAP "curvy straight" Jeans

Material: 99% cotton, 1% spandex - strecthable..
Size: 8R / 28
Condition: Excellent worn condition
Retail Price: RM249

Selling Price: RM110 (including postage)
Status: Sold!!

Giordano "Perfect Straight Fit" Jeans

Material: 81% cotton, 18% polyester, 1% spandex - stretchable..
Size: W30, L32
Condition: Worn only once!
Retail Price: RM79

Selling price: RM40 (including shipping with poslaju)
Status: Sold to Sarah

Wednesday, June 9

Tommy Hilfiger "Boyfriend" Boot Cut Jeans

Material: 99% cotton, 1% spandex - stretchable
Size: 4R (similar size to 8R/28 GAP jeans)
Condition: Excellent worn condition
Retail Price: RM499

Selling Price: RM170 (including postage using poslaju)
Status: Available

yours truly wearing the jeans

Levi's "Astrid" Straight Cut Jeans

Material: 99% cotton, 1% polyurethane - stretchable
Size: 30
Condition: Excellent worn condition
Retail price : RM229

Selling price: RM110 (including shipping using poslaju)
Status: Sold!!

Tuesday, June 8

Hiatus Status

Hello all,

Am truly sorry for the long hiatus status, and also am so sorry for not replying emails.. The reason being I was pregnant then I gave birth to a 'gendut' boy then I'm busy handling a newborn + undergone strict confinement period with my mom.

Good news is I'm back!! Will start updating with my pre-loved tops, jeans n pants.. I seriously need to declutter my wardrobe.. Most of it are the one that I wear during maternity, not maternity wear tho.. just normal clothes only one size bigger than my original size.. During pregnancy, I only gained 10kg's and my tummy is not that big.. instead of buying maternity wear (jeans with pouch which doesn't fit me anyway), I opted for jeans with one size bigger..

So, if u r size 8 (US), 12 (UK).. stay tune..

Later, I will start selling bags!! :)