Sunday, December 12

Quick update

Just a short n brief announcement :)
  1. SPANX & ASSETS Pre-order session is closed..
  2. Will re-open the session somewhere in February or March 2011.. Few items were discontinued but I'm pretty sure more n more new item will be introduced
  3. All Mulberry for Target bags are sold out.. I only managed to fulfilled half of the waiting list.. If u didn't heard from me by now meaning = no handbag for u *sorry*.. Strictly first come first serve basis
  4. If there is more Mulberry for Target bags available, I will update here

Friday, December 3

Pre-Order SPANX & ASSETS....

Ladies... Pre-Order SPANX & ASSETS is currently in session!! Click here for their website & enjoy browsing.. Interested? Query? Need opinion? Quotation? Just email me

Kindly take note that I'll be closing the session on 11th December 2010.. Items expected to be in Malaysia somewhere end of December --> Please bear in mind that items are shipped from US.. Please ensure u r comfortable with the timing before ordering

I attached together the sizing for your reference.. If u have doubt, email me with your height n weight so that I can guide you.. :)

SPANX sizing

ASSETS sizing

Friday, November 12

Ready Stock - Assets only

I received few emails asking me for in hand - ready stock.. I'm so sorry it took me a while just to check my inventory & post it here at the blog.. I'm just a bit tied up.. Ok, so all below items are available.. I attached as well the size chart for your guide. If u r interested with any of it just email me :)

Fantastic Firmer Criss Cross Cami - RM150
Black, Size XL sold!

Fantastic Firmer OpenBust Cami - RM145
Nude, Size M

Superior Slimmers Seamless Cami - RM140
Nude, Size S sold!

Superior Slimmers High Waist Mid Thigh Shaper - RM170
Colour Nude, Size S sold!

Sizing *click to enlarge image*

Monday, October 18

Mulberry for Target - Fully Booked

Just to inform that all Mulberry for Target bags are fully booked! Certain design siap ada waiting list.. As I said in the email, I'm still scouting for more and those who are on my waiting list.. I can't promise but I'll try to get it for u.

If I get more of this collection line, I'll definitely update here :)


Mulberry for Target - Coming Soon!

English Luxury House - Mulberry launched brand new Target exclusive bags collection with affordable price called "Mulberry for Target". This line is a big hit in US & almost sold out everywhere. I'm trying my best to buy few stocks just for you gals, my beloved customer :)

I've bought few bags but all still in US, will ship it soon once I'm done scouting.. Ouh, I only have the bayswater one bcoz I hate the rest of the collection (mini crossbody & soft pebbled tote). I seriously sell/buy the one that I like only.. If somehow our taste on bag is different, am truly sorry.
As for now, enjoy the picx first :P

Medium - Black - Faux Patent Leather
Size 10x8x6 inch with a 3.5 inch handle drop
Selling for RM360 (inclusive shipping)
I have few of this!! yeay!

Medium-Blue-Faux Patent Leather & Quilted Denim
Size 10x8x6 inch witha 3.5 inch handle drop
Selling for RM360 (inclusive shipping)
I have few of this as well *grin*

Large-Blue-Faux Patent Leather & Quilted Denim
Size: 14x11.5x6 inch with 8 inch handle drop (long handle)
Selling for RM450 (inclusive shipping)
I have few of this too..

Large-Black-Faux Leather Patent & Quilted Velvet
I'm still scouting for this because I want it for myself
U've read it correctly, I want it for myself --> Seriously, no kidding
The size & price is the same as Large Blue/Denim above

Large-Pink Leopard-Faux Patent Leather
The size & price is the same as Large Blue/Denim above
The color is so bold, the design is funky
I do not have any of this, but if anybody interested with this item
Kindly drop me an email & I will try to scout for it.

Saturday, October 9

PreOrder Session = Closed!


I would like to announce that SPANX & ASSETS pre-order session is officially closed at 11.59pm, 8th October 2010.. Thank you all for the order, will update parcel's movement thru email / sms / call / BBM from time to time... Expected time arrival between 22nd - 27th October 2010.



Friday, October 8


Today is the LAST DAY for Spanx & Assets Pre-order.
I will offcially close the session by midnite tonite.
If any of u wud like to place a last minute order, please do so now..
As usual, just email me at for inquiries & quotation.

But no worries, if u can't make it for this session..
I will reopen preorder session again.. maybe in 2, 3 months or so

Last but not least, have a great weekends ladies :D


Monday, October 4

Base Shaper for your Lovely Handbags

Does your LV Speedy 30 & LV Neverfull MM looks saggy?
Does your lovely bag out of shape after u dump few extra thing in it?
Do you find it is hard to arrange your item in your favorite bag?

Ladies, the solution is here..
U just need a base shaper board!!!

LV Speedy 30 with & without the base shaper

LV Neverfull MM with & without the base shaper

Hurry up, selling for only RM80 (including shipping)
I have few in hand, just pay, will ship it asap & u'll be receving it the next day

Base Shaper for LV Speedy 30
(Fit Gucci Medium Joy Boston Bag too)
Size = 17.5cm x 30cm

Available in Red
1. Available sold
2. Available sold
3. Available

Available in Brown
1. Available sold
2. Available sold

Base Shaper for LV Neverfull MM
Size = 15.5cm x 30cm

Available in Red
1. Available sold
2. Available sold

Available in Brown
1. Available sold
2. Available
3. Available

As usual, just email me at for inquiries.

Monday, September 27

SPANX & ASSETS Pre-Order Session Re-Open!!!

Holla Ladies~

Yes, u read it right.. Pre-Order session for SPANX & ASSETS is currently in session.. There are so many new products, to get better understanding just browse their website. If u r interested with any of the item, just email me & ask for the quotation.

Kindly take note that I will be closing the pre-order session on 8th October 2010. Item will be in Malaysia somewhere end of October --> It is shipped from US. Please ensure that you are comfortable with the timing before ordering.

Ouh, the item is not "one size fit all".. Please refer below picture for both SPANX & ASSETS sizing. Click picx for larger view

SPANX sizing

ASSETS sizing

Friday, September 3

SPANX & Assets - ready stock!

Item listed below are all in hand, just pay & i'll courier it out to you via poslaju - sempat pakai untuk raya, hehehe.. If nothing interest you or your size is not available, don't worry I'll reopen the pre-orders somewhere early October.

All items are selling fast, grab yours now! Please check size chart accordingly as below
*Price includes shipping right to your address

Assets Sizing - click image for larger view

SPANX Sizing - click image for larger view

SPANX Higher Power - RM180
Color Bare, Size B sold!

SPANX In Power Line Super Higher Power - RM190
Color Bare, Size B sold!

Assets Superior Slimmers High Waist MidThigh Shaper - RM170
Color Nude, Size M sold!

Assets Superior Slimmers MidThigh Shaper - RM145
Color Nude, Size M sold!

Assets Sensational Shaper - RM115
Color Nude, Size 2 sold!

Asset Superior Slimmers Cami - RM140
Color Nude, Size S
Color Black, Size S sold!
Color Nude, Size M sold!
Color Black, Size M sold!
Color Nude, Size XXL sold!

Assets Fantastic Firmer Adjustable Strap Cami - RM115
Color Black, Size S sold!

Assets Fantastic Firmer Criss Cross Cami - RM150
Color Black, Size XL

Saturday, July 31

Longchamp - Le Pliage Medium Tote, Long Handle

Brand New
Color: Hawthorne (latest color from fall/winter collection)
Measurement: 15"(L) x 9.75"(H) x 5.5"(W)
Double handle with 9.75" drop
Longchamp logo embossed
Longchamp care card included
Item already in Malaysia

Price: RM380 only!! (including postage)
Status: Sold!

exact bag size on a model

Friday, July 30

Kuih Raya!! *edited*

*sticky mode, please scroll down for latest entry*

*Pre-order is offcially CLOSED*

Hello ladies,

I'm opening order for Kuih Raya!!

Please feel free to have a look at all the pictures below.. No I don't bake em, I can't really bake actually *sheepish grin*.. All kuih are bake by Faheem's babysitter & family!!

Important info:

  1. I'll be closing order on 30th July instead of 15th August - sorry had to close earlier due to overwhelming response, baker team cakap takut x dapat deliver right on time.. kalau x dapat deliver on time lagi haru --> yup, that is so true
  2. 50% deposit to confirm order - must be paid before the 30th July, remaining 50% during pick up - cash it is!
  3. Kuih will be ready for pick up starting on 1st Sept (10 days before Raya)
  4. Pick up area wud be Kota Damansara area, Ikea / Ikano / Curve, One Utama or Bandar Utama area (McD, Centrepoint)

Email me aritha.shadila[at] for any queries. Thanks!!

Strawberry SweetTart - RM26/48 pieces
Why 48 instead of 50? I did ask the same question
Apparently the casing cant fit 50 pieces, just 48 of it
You dont want ur kuih to be hancur, do u?

Bahulu Cappuccino - RM16/40 pieces
Normal bahulu is so outdated
If you loves Bahulu n loves Cappuccino, u might want to try this
Btw, the colour a bit dark not because of overbaked
It is the cappuccino :P

Pineapple RollTart - RM25/50 pieces
Ok, the close up picx makes the tart looked like a giant tart
The size of the tart is like a normal tart ok, so jangan takut

Crunchy Nut - RM26/48pieces
The red in the middle of the kuih is Strawberry Jam

Red Pearl - RM26/48pieces
Conrflakes, raisins & various nuts in it

Rostar Tart - RM26/48 pieces
The taste is similar to pineapple tart just that it has modern look

Blueberry Tart - RM26/48 pieces
A twist from a normal tart & yes the color is purplish blue!!
The whitish thingy on top of the tart is actually sugar glaze

Orange Mousse - RM24/50pieces
Chocolate Coating + Orange Zest.. nyum nyum

Snow Almond - RM26/48 pieces
My personal favorite!! Maybe because of the chocolate coating

Chocolate Chip Delight - RM26/48 pieces
One of my favorite too! Again maybe bcoz of the chocolate
I just love chocolate :))))

Monday, July 19

Cute Cupcake

A friend of mine was admitted to hospital for chemo due to his leukemia illness.. Got to know bout that last week however did not have time to visit him.. So am thinking to visit him today or tommorrow.. Anyway, that's not the main story.. For that reason, I placed an order of 16pcs GET WELL SOON CUPPIES yesterday with a friend of mine.. Just got to know that she's baking & selling cuppies..

She delivered the cuppies to me right on time (altho I placed an order quite last minute) & I found that the cuppies is so cute which is worth to mention here..

this is my order, 16pcs Get-Well-Soon Cuppies

If any of u interested to place an order, just give her a call or sms at 013-3880039.. Her name is Amy by the way.. U can tell her ur color & design preference of the icing as well as the cuppies flavor.. As for me, since I ordered it quite late, I just tell her any color, any design & any flavor will do.. So if u want ur cupcake personalize as per your wish, make sure to place an order early. Below are the pictures of few designs that are available.. Ouh, she's selling it for RM3/per cupcake.

Pijun Love Noni - lovey dovey theme

Smile Always - Pastel Color Icing

Design for Baby Shower or Newborn

Aliff Heart MeL - another sweet & romantic design

Selamat Hari Lahir Tuan Haji - siap ada $ punya sign, hehe

Saturday, July 10

LoveAssets - Open for Orders

*Pre-Order is officially CLOSED*

Good news!!

Currently I'm taking orders for LoveAssets Shapewear by Sarah Blakely. To get better idea about their product, please do browse their website. If u're interested to purchase any item, please email me for quotation.

I myself owned a Fantastic Firmer Mid-Thigh Shaper & Fantastic Firmer Tank and seriously it is very comfortable.. It is not like typical girdle u can found at retail store in Malaysia. I wore them just to get better silhoutte specially under baju kebaya.. Heheh.. And during confinement, I wore the FF Mid-thigh shaper alternately with the traditional bengkung.. I just hate the traditional bengkung actually, so I made a promise to my mum.. I'll wear traditional bengkung & FF Mid-thigh shaper alternately.

By the way, I'll be closing order on 10th Jul 2010. Orders are expected to reach Malaysia somewhere end of July --> It is shipped from USA. Please ensure that you are comfortable with the timing before ordering. I think it is just a right timing to wear for RAYA + it can control your food intake during that dangerous time!! *wink*

*** edited - really appreciate the comments.. as requested, please check the size chart below :)

Wednesday, June 30

Liz Clairborne - Skyline Handbag

Brand New with tag
Color, khaki with faux brown leather trimming
Price: RM 299 (including shipping)
Status: Sold

Liz Clairborne - Signature Pink & Gunmetal Tote

Brand New with Tag
Price: RM279 (including shipping)
Status: Sold