Friday, December 25

Boxing Day Special!!

Sorry for dissapearing for quite long.. Thousand appologies!! In our daily life, we can plan what we want but nothing much we can do if our plan "terkeluar dari landasan" big time.

, most importantly I'm back!!! Just nice for big sale during Boxing Day!! Watch out for this site as we will offer more handbags after I'm done shopping of course! Ouh, and taking pictures as well...

Boxing Day Special!!! Huurrray :D


  1. eh u back mana nih? =P nk tanye anya hindmarch ada ka? i have one in mind... agaknye brape ribu eks?

  2. back utk mengupdate sales blog :P

    anya hindmarch originate from UK la, might as well beli dr org yg ada kat sana