Wednesday, August 5

LoveAssets Shapewear by Sarah Blakely

Greetings to all,

I'm going to order LoveAssets Shapeware by next week. The creator of LoveAssets Shapewear is the same as SPANX which is Sarah Blakely. Online review from user that used both product turn out they have same quality & same material only LoveAssets is cheaper!

Dalia, Sharifah, Anleen >> Your order is safe with me, will order soon.. I'm sure u gals will look gorgeous n fabulous during raya!! :)

To others >> Feel free to browse their website. If anybody interested to own one, please email me for quotation. Happy browsing~


  1. kawan2, sila browse, mmg menarik tertarik kau mmg the bomb.. :D, but seriously, (pedahal baru nak pakai waktu raya.. hahaha)

  2. uish.. siap promo free.. ada apa2 ke nih? ahahahha

  3. mana ada laa, ikhlas.. :) .. tpi jauh.. hahahaha..

  4. cik ita shadila, sy ada order baru ni melalui email...cik, ada terima tak email saya? thanks. ~ azriza