Friday, July 10

SPANX - Hide & Sleek Lace Trim Full Slip

This Spanx by Sarah Blakely is requested by Eli. Ironically, I received another inquiry bout Spanx. The order aka request not finalized yet tho.

Mentang2 dekat nak raya semua nak start pasang badan kan? Macam semua orang sebuk nak beli Spanx, I was thinking shud I buy one to shape up my "kayu balak" thigh? Feel free to visit their website. This is the link for this particular item. Enjoy browsing~
Status: Shipped to Malaysia on 18th July


  1. i nak, i nak spank, heheheh.. by the way, how's the measurement untuk thigh kayu maple 100 thn i nih?.. hehehe...

  2. ahahah.. maple tuh kayu apa, cengal ke? anyway, browse website dia then kat any item punya page dia ada tulis size (size chart)... klik je kat size chart..maka klualah ia

  3. terasa i..aku tengah duduk duit bonus + increment ni..bila dah dpt, mmg aku akan order spanx neh..sila tunggu ye :D